The end of the world is here and four friends will play a much larger role than they could have ever imagined.

A horror point-and-click adventure set in a teenager's apartment during a power outage. Search the house to discover the truth. Use the phone to contact your friends.

Don't ever change.

The game is playable in the window for most browsers and operating systems. If the game does not load, it's also available for download.

The download includes a copy of the soundtrack by Angel Sera.

  • Alex Schlieger (Artist)
  • Vile (Programmer, Writer)
  • Angel Sera (Musician, Sound FX, Writer)

Our entry for Ludum Dare 35

Disclaimer: Game contains heavy religious imagery, some themes of body horror and depersonalization, and a small amount of blood.


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Sunday 67 MB
Sunday 7 MB


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My greatest fear would be ´What if they're not angels but something else?´


I experienced a little bug: when the game ends the screen goes white, the sound keeps playing, but the credits don't roll. I'm on Linux (Pop!OS) and playing via the Itch App.


I got the same thing, playing on Windows Google Chrome, browser version.

Neat little game though.

wow. just wow

Would love to see more of you! It was amazing!

Pretty spooky.

I wish this game had a mute button or some sort of volume control.

On the itch app I get the error message when I tried to run the game after install "Its last words were: application crashed. process exited with code 127" the whole problem here